Telecom #Standards is critical in ensuring equipment interoperability. On this World Standards Day (14th Oct), it is only apt to recognize many contributions made through #ITU, #ETSI, #IEEE, #IETF, #ISO and other forums.

Recently, ITU-APT Foundation of India, presided by Bharat Bhatia, organized a #5G workshop. #Samsung team conducted a detailed technical session on 5G standards for Govt officials and event dignitaries.

Thereafter, industry captains and policy makers deliberated on:
* How higher bandwidth could be obtained for rich media services if 5G embraces #mmWave in addition to <6GHz.
* How 24.5-29.5 GHz is being pioneered in countries like US, Korea, Japan.
* How India satellite services can coexist in this band.

The group stressed that successful rollout of 5G in India depends on timely release of globally harmonized spectrum including mmWave bands.


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