#IoT is witnessing gradual deployments in many verticals. In 7th India IoT Symposium, Mumbai (24-May), we deliberated on technology, services and hindrances.

At the end of panel moderation, I could sum up that #Interoperability, #Security and #Manageability are three topmost challenges.

Strong #DataAnalytics are fundamental for #Preventive, #Predictive & #Personalized Services.

And examples showed IoT success is more likely when people say, (a) do not do tech PoC, how elaborate is your #FieldTrial? (b) so what if you have a tech, what is your #BizModel? (c) do not go alone, who all are your #EcoSystem partners?

Vishnu Bhavaraju (Microsoft), GovindaRaj Avasarala (Vodafone), Shashi Kapoor (Dell EMC), Atanu Niyogi (L&T), Madhan T. (PTC)