#PresidencyUniv, Bangalore: a brand new private research institute. On 21st April, addressed in its major conf on #Digital #Entrepreneurship.

#Innovative Ideas in India are aplenty. In a lighter note, cartoons below from #ShivramPhadnis show how we protect footwear in temple or how footwear can be used, while shaving, in out-of-box way!

But entrepreneurship is a deeper pursuit. My key points around it were:
1. Define product/solution packaging well. Make it very tangible with good user experience.
2. Understand truly what (differentiated) value is provided to and perceived by consumers.
3. Set apt business model and monetization scheme in commensurate with value.

Conf Chair: Swapan Majumdar


LinkedIn link: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/drdescitechlab_presidencyuniv-bangalore-a-brand-new-private-activity-6394233903258927104-RU7v