For 14th Distinguished Lecture in #IISc, the title of my talk was ‘Dimensions of #Product #Designeering’. It was organized by Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing (#CPDM).

The value of Product #Design from aesthetics-and-ergonomics is well recognized. So is the value of Product #Engineering from features-and-functionalities perspective.

As the functionality set grows for a compact physical product and product design cycle reduces, the conflict starts to grow between design-and-engineering space. Introduced my concepts with examples: how trade-off is achieved in practice with additional dimensions of new interfaces, innovativeness and customer-centricity.

Some earlier talks in the series: ‘Creative Solving Methodology’ by Dr. Erik Lerdahl, ‘R&D in India’ by Dr. Anil Kakodkar, ‘High precision Surgical Robotics’ by Prof. Maarten Steinbuch.


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