We all acknowledge “To make error (err) is human”; I also add “To ignore health is human”. We all are gifted with a beautiful instrument. Since good health is so vital to our happiness, many people defer going to doctors for medical checkup with a fear of any bad news. With each delay, more opportunity we may loose in early detection and cure of ailments.

This is where continuous health monitoring plays important role. In #Nasscom #Product Conclave (#NPC) last week, my lead talk in #healthtech segment was on ‘Role of #sensors and wearable #devices in health and fitness’. The concepts are based around our patented and published ideas.

#MotionSensors that help from precise step count to auto activity detection. #AmbientSensors that can measure UV exposure, temperature etc. #BodySensors that facilitate feature like cuff-less BP using PPG (try: #AI Game Changer Awarded #InstaBP app in India). #DisplaySensors bring forth VR-based diagnostic solutions, 3D visualization and many more.

LinkedIn link: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/drdescitechlab_nasscom-product-npc-activity-6463829148099022848-YgzT