#IoT implies X categories of devices, Y no. of sensors, Z no. of Connectivity tech …During the first Open Connectivity Foundation (#OCF) #India chapter meeting, I highlighted the importance of #interoperability and how OCF common framework of addressing, device discovery, data management helps in this direction.

The session covered iot aspects from core committee members: Nasscom, Samsung, Intel, L&T, Granite River Labs. The OCF secretariat is now established in #Nasscom IoT CoE. Thanks to Ankita K S for covering the event nicely thru this article.


IoT has immense market potential! Agreed. But did you know nearly half of the market potential of IoT remains locked due to lack of interoperability standards? Read the full report to know how to solve these interoperability challenges.

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47 Per cent of IoT Problems Can Be Solved If We Unlock Interoperability