The #SmartCity mission in India was commissioned three years back. This being a complex problem with multiple stakeholders, so far only 10% project is completed, #BusinessWorld reported today.

Last month, in #Zinnov Confluence conf, we discussed various facets of this cyber-physical project. Beyond technology, citizen awareness and transparent governance are two key factors, in my opinion. Wi-fi connectivity, sensor network, digital waste management, digital signage, traffic control, surveillance, smart parking are some of the elements. I brought in example of Korea Power Exchange (#KPX)’s management of power demand-supply through incentives.

It was an intense panel discussion with Santhosh Kumar, Sanjeev Tyagi, Sanjay Rajasekhar & myself, and was moderated by Syna Dehnugara. For excerpts, please watch #CNBC-televised video:


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